Rams Statue

PCHS Class of 2020 returns with a special gift

Port Chester High School has welcomed a new member of the ‘Ramily” in the form of a statue donated by the Class of 2020.

The bronze statue of a large, horned ram, the school’s mascot, was unveiled on Dec. 21 and resides outside the doors of the new gymnasium. It can easily be seen by all those who pass by and is situated so it overlooks the new athletic field.

A special ceremony was held to unveil the decorative piece and included alumni from the Class of 2020 and school officials.

Deputy Superintendent Mitchell Combs, who was the PCHS principal at the time the Class of 2020 graduated, called this class “unforgettable and historic.”

These students are not likely to soon forget their high school experience. In the spring of their senior year the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, causing schools to switch to remote learning. Because of the ongoing situation at the time, many of the end-of-year celebrations seniors typically enjoy were canceled, including the prom. Their graduation ceremony was held, however, and was celebrated in the form of nine mini ceremonies on the athletic field, enabling them to enjoy the experience with family and friends while staying safe.

Because of the interruption to their senior year with so many activities being canceled, the Class of 2020 decided to use the money it had raised for class events to purchase and donate the statue instead.

“You are really an unforgettable and special class,” Dr. Combs said.

“It’s a true testament about how strong you were in being able to get through this pandemic,” Class of 2020 adviser Jonathan Plato said of the statue.

The statue was under a large blanket, which was removed as part of the ceremony to a loud “aww” from the gathered crowd. 

“I wanted to come back because this is my hometown,” 2020 alum Will MacAllister said. “I wanted to see the new statue,” he said as to why he came to the ceremony.

“We didn’t have an end to the school year,” recalled Michael Kessler, ’20. “It’s important to celebrate our class.”