Counselor Contact Information

The Port Chester High School Guidance Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Office Numbers:   (914) 934-7964 & (914) 934-7965.




Mr. Santos Avila

(914) 934-7961

Mr. Darwin Gramajo

(914) 934-8018

Ms. Denise Bonilla

(914) 934-7963

Ms. Yudelca Martinez

(914) 934-8040

Ms. Stacey Cafaldo

(914) 934-7960

Ms. Marta Sandoval

(914) 934-7959

Ms. Vanessa Clay-Williams

(914) 934-2948



Freshman Year Timeline

  • Review your schedule
  • Study, complete all homework and earn good grades
  • Read, read, and read to strengthen your vocabulary
  • Become involved in extra curricular activities and keep a record of them
  • Get to know your Guidance Counselor
  • SDD student registration application for testing accommodations
  • Explore the web and begin to think about college
  • Become familiar with the PCHS program of studies
  • Review PCHS graduation requirements
  • Know the NCAA requirements if you are thinking about playing sports in college
  • Save money for college
  • Review your transcript; Review your credits
  • Take challenging courses.

Sophomore Year Timeline

  • Develop time management skills
  • Become involved in extracurricular activities (level of commitment is more important than the number of activities)
  • Discuss the PSAT's with your Guidance Counselor
  • Explore possible careers - Career Day at BOCES
  • Make sure that you get good grades
  • Meet with your teachers for extra help
  • Keep studying
  • Meet with your counselor to select courses and plan for the next 2 years
  • Volunteer
  • Explore Naviance; Complete Career Inventories
  • Talk to your teachers and counselor about SAT Subject Tests
  • Plan for a meaningful summer
  • Complete summer reading if required.  If not, ask teachers to recommend books
  • Review your transcript; review your credits
  • If you are planning to participate in Division I or II Athletics in college, discuss your intentions with your Guidance Counselor

Junior Year Timeline

  • Fall
    • Take PSAT
  • Spring
    • Register and prepare for spring SAT
    • Consider taking the ACT
    • Consider taking the SAT Subject tests
    • Participate in College Clinics offered by the Guidance Department
    • Complete "Senior Questionnaire" and "Transcript Request" form and submit to your counselor before summer vacation
    • Get good grades
    • Volunteer
    • Participate in extra curricular activities and take on leadership roles
    • Explore Naviance
    • Research colleges and explore their websites
    • Visit colleges (sign up for an "official tour" through college Admissions Offices)
    • Attend local college fairs
    • Contact colleges for information on special programs
    • Consider which teachers you would like to ask for recommendations
    • Review your transcript; Review your credits
  • Summer
    • Draft your college essay
    • Draft a resume of activities
    • Review the Common Application and complete a draft, including essay and short questions



Senior Year Timeline

  • September/October
    • Submit your Senior Questionnaire, Activity Log and Transcript Release form to Guidance
    • Attend Senior Parent Night
    • Schedule an appointment with your counselor to update activities, review colleges, address questions
    • Sign up for fall SAT and/or ACT
    • Finalize arrangements with teachers for recommendations
    • Show interest by meeting Admissions Officers
      • Attend college visits at PCHS
      • Continue to visit colleges
      • Attend local College Fairs
    • Begin completing your applications and finalizing your essays
  • November/December
    • Check and re-check all deadlines for colleges and for standardized testing
    • Remember to send your SAT/ACT scores to the colleges you are applying to
    • All seniors with a January 1 college application deadline must submit their request and all materials to Guidance no later than December 1
    • Talk with your parents about financial aid.  Assemble records and paperwork to complete the FAFSA and other forms.
    • Set a goal to have all of your applications submitted by mid-December
  • January/February
    • Attend PCHS Financial Aid Night
    • Complete FAFSA any time after January 1.  it's important to file early!
    • Confirm that all application materials have been received by each college
  • March/April/May
    • Decision letters arrive.  Review acceptances and financial offers.  Inform your counselor
    • Contact the financial aid departments of the colleges you were accepted to, if you need assistance
    • Visit the colleges before making any final decisions
    • Notify the college of your choice by their deadline
    • Notify all other colleges that you will be declining their offer